FurtherMore with Dr. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Dr. Mark & Dr. Michele Sherwood unlock a few of the many hacks they use to flip the switch on bad health to good.  Plus the Golden Bachelor has people wondering just how is the best way to make living and loving at 65 plus the path for us all.

Sadness enters all of our lives and Dr. Mark & Dr. Michele Sherwood have sound advice when faced with grief and/or trauma.  Then how the sun can be a healthy choice.

Dr. Mark & Dr. Michele deal with the effects of alcohol on your body, the toll it takes and what to look for.  Then Tips on the best ways to build strength and increase muscle.

Dr. Mark and Dr. Michele exam the Liver-Brain Axis and how it might play a role in the onset of dementia. Then, does wealth afford you a healthier lifestyle. 

Dr. Mark & Dr. Michele look at ways to define happiness turning into an all-around healthier outlook.  Let the bickering begin…we explore the advantages and disadvantages of deciding which diet do you prefer, vegan or meat eater. 

Fasting is the new buzzword; Dr. Mark & Dr. Michele Sherwood share some of the best advice.  Plus what is Sex Steroids and how do the work for all of us.

Many states continue to find marijuana use on the ballot and Dr. Mark & Dr. Michele talk about various considerations, plus answers to the question, how do I best minimize the risk of the vaccine.

Dr. Mark and Dr. Michele tell us all about Sex Steriods, how do we make them and what is the benefit of keeping them healthy, plus secrets to getting a good night’s sleep.

If you have been considering including Yoga as part of your exercise routine, be sure and hear what Dr. Mark & Dr. Michele Sherwood have to say first.  Plus the best ways to keep the weight off, once you have reached your goal.