One Step Beyond - Season 1

S1 E2 - "Night of April 14th"

January 27, 1959 26 Min

A woman (Barbara Lord) has a recurring nightmare of drowning in cold, dark water. The next day her fiancé (Patrick Macnee) announces that the couple will honeymoon aboard the RMS Titanic. Other premonitions of that disaster are also revealed.

S1 E3 - "Emergency Only"

February 3, 1959 26 Min

In a hypnotic trance at a cocktail party, Ellen Larrabee (Jocelyn Brando) predicts a dangerous train trip for a skeptical witness, thereby preventing a collision. With Paula Raymond.

S1 E4 - The Dark Room

February 10, 1959 25:05 Min

A photographer (Cloris Leachman) on assignment in the south of France is almost strangled by one of her subjects (Marcel Dalio), who turns out to be the ghost of a murderer.

S1 E5 - Twelve Hours to Live

February 17, 1959 26min

After an argument with his wife (Jean Allison), a man drives away in a storm and suffers a car accident. She suddenly feels that his life is in danger. The telepathic clues she receives from him, and her determination, result in his rescue.

S1 E6 - Epilogue

February 24, 1959 26min

Carl Archer (Charles Aidman), a recovering alcoholic travels to Nevada to reconcile with his wife, Helen (Julie Adams). She and son Stevie visit a nearby silver mine when the mine collapses. Helen dies and her ghost leads Carl and others to rescue Stevie.

S1 E7 - The Dream

March 3, 1959 25min

In World War II, Herbert Blakely (Reginald Owen), on night lookout near a coastal British town, dreams about bombs falling on his wife, and she dreams of German commandos attacking his outpost. They both awaken in time to be saved as the double dream proves true.

S1 E9 - The Dead Part of the House

March 17, 1959 26min

After the death of her mother, a haunted nursery and three dolls help a young girl reconcile with her dad. With Joanne Linville.

S1 E11 - The Devil's Laughter

March 31, 1959 25min

In late 19th century London, prison authorities are having trouble with convicted killer John Marriott: they cannot seem to execute him.